Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hi Blog I've missed you!!

Johnny Berens

It has been quite some time since I've shared the many quarks of my thoughts with you.  And although I have not been in good standing with MY blog I have been thinking about you.  Ah yes you would think that I had full-on neglected you, but I haven’t.  I like most of the world or shall I say north, have fell into the ‘lazy mode’ its cold out and what better way to spend those cold lazy evening spending time with you? NOT!!   My evenings have been dedicated to hockey, yoga, curling and Johnny walking.  So when I’m not home dressing myself in layers to take my beloved Canine Johnny Berens for his daily snowshoe,  you can find me rushing back to the house by 6:30pm with just enough time to scarf some food down before hockey, yoga or curling.  Sounds lovely doesn’t it...well truthfully I knew it would be like this, I feel that there is no way that I want to deprive to pooch of his well needed off leash snowshoe, so each day that’s what we do.  Now my weekly routine is somewhat of a tight schedule with hockey on Mondays, Wednesdays...sometimes Saturdays and yoga on Thursdays, Curling Fridays.  So the dog walking after work is quite fast paced. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining to you. The busy week is good for both Johnny and myself; we both enjoy our daily snowshoe come on now who doesn’t enjoy a good snowshoe?!
I’m simply telling you blog that although your pages have not been updated in sometime you are always on my mind.

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  1. Alexa, it’s time for a blog update! Your puppy is a cutie!!